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Counseling to Prevent Tobacco Use

Dear United Medical Network Providers:

As part of the Affordable Care Act, Medicare and other payers now cover many preventive services at no cost to your patients. Counseling to prevent tobacco use is one of the most effective preventive care services we can offer to our patients.

Smoking is one of the leading causes of disease and pre-mature death in the United States; as physicians we can offer a solution to our patients which will have a positive impact. One exciting piece of information I would like to share is that today, in the U.S., there are more ex-smokers than smokers. Remember, positive reinforcement works better than focusing on the negatives.

Encourage your patients to take advantage of appropriate preventive services and take that first step: Decide to quit smoking and set a stop date. Help your patients take advantage of the multitude of resources available to help them successfully quit smoking.

Physicians should also provide the CDC Quit Smoking Hotline 1-800-QUIT-NOW. Or for Delaware patients, provide the Delaware Quit Smoking Line 1-866-409-1858 for free support.

We highly encourage you to take advantage of our free audio copy of “Smoking Cessation” Educational Seminar by Dr. Kevin S. Ferentz. This audio CD provides helpful insights on patient approach and guidance through education and encouragement.

» DOWNLOAD CD Copy - Smoking Cessation by Kevin S Ferentz


Dr. Gregory Adams
UMACO Medical Director

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